• Meeting Minds. Emerging !deas


With the recent revolution of Web 2.0 technologies, the roles of users have been changed from being simply consumers to contributors as well. The upcoming trends of Web 2.0 tools like wikis, blogs and social networking sites have opened a new space to develop a Value driven community to leverage various benefits associated with it.

ThoughtLabs is successful in forming a collaborative model, in which all stakeholders participate to leverage the various web tools. Be it a portal to bring together students from premium colleges across India or developing an Alumni Management Solution, ThoughtLabs’ Collaborative Functionality Model have proved the Success. ThoughtLabs will be serving Education Sector to form a networking Solution for Alumni, helping in placements and creating and Developing web presence and Branding activities.

At ThoughtLabs, we believe in the power of people to be open and change faster, together. When technology doesn’t get in their way, people have an abundant desire to share and collaborate. When companies/institutions empower their people to work openly they gain leverage and competitive advantage. Now is the time to realize a new way of working, and we are committed to achieving it for our customers faster than any other vendor in the market. Now is the time to realize a new way of working, and we are enabling it, together with our amazing customers.